The Norwegian Solar Energy Cluster

The Solar Energy Cluster is a national cluster for the solar energy sector in Norway.
Its activities are focused both on the Norwegian as well as the international energy
markets. The cluster status was awarded in 2016, but the cooperation activities
between the partners were initiated already in 2013.

The objective is to strengthen the Norwegian partners’ innovation capacity and
competitiveness and to take a bigger share of the global energy market.

The cluster project provides resources to strengthen the solar energy sector.


A strong Norwegian solar energy industry that is market leader both at national and international levels.


Increase the value creation for the companies in the Solar Energy Cluster at national and international levels through involvement in cooperation on research and innovation, competence development, positioning and internationalization.


A. Strengthen interaction, create cooperation and build trust between stakeholders in the cluster.
B. Strengthen R&D&I competences within companies.
C. Increase market competences within companies and increase knowledge on solar energy within the Norwegian energy market.
D. Increase innovation activities that are driven by market needs.
E. Strengthen the Solar Energy Cluster’s position at national and international levels.

Market areas

The Solar Energy Cluster has identified five market areas with growth and value creation potential both at national and international levels:

  • Sustainable production of materials
  • Building-integrated solutions
  • Micro-distribution
  • Energy systems
  • Energy services

The cluster’s strategies and activities will contribute to strengthening business and innovation in all these five areas. The cluster will create different cooperation structures and will support competence
development in the solar energy sector in order to acquire a bigger market share at both national and international levels. Each area will have its own working group formed of Norwegian stakeholders

The cluster is formed of:

More than 75 companies, a series of R&D and educational institutions, as well as different cooperation partners.


Trine Kopstad Berentsen

Phone: + 47 93 01 48 01

Daglig leder / CEO