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When: Jun 26, 2020 10:00 AM Oslo

Topic: Launch of sustainability criteria for solar panel manufacturing

Solar panels are a source of green electricity production. Once installed they provide sustainable local production of energy.

As all products also solar panels have an environmental impact from the manufacturing processes.

Lately an increased interest in the sustainability of the whole lifecycle has arisen. There is a question of how to distinguish between the environmental impact of different panels. A standardized method for providing information on the environmental impact is sought after.

EPD Norway, public sector and partners of the Norwegian Solar Energy Cluster have developed an answer to this.

The so called PCR (product category rules) for solar panels are in place and can make the foundation for an even more sustainable solar business.

The webinar is a launch for the PCR for PV, making a foundation for standardized EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations). The rules are common for Europe and a EPD is valid across Europe. The launching of the PCR is a mayor step for even more sustainable solar panel manufacturing.

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– Sustainability in manufacturing of solar panels

– How procurers can use the information to procure even greener solar panels

– Drivers for sustainable manufacturing

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Date and time: June 26th 2020, 10-11.30 CET

Place: Zoom


Welcome – why is there a need for standardized comparison of environmental impact of manufacturing?
Barbro R. Nordby, the Norwegian Solar Energy Cluster
Joint collaboration in Europe on standardized declarations
Håkon Hauan, EPD Norway
How is comparison possible and what elements of panel production are included?
Oddbjørn Dahlstrøm, Asplan Viak
Application of the declarations on a European level
What can this be for the solar manufacturing industry?
Example Norsun, Carsten Rohr
Example REC, Trude Nysæter
Environmental declarations in public procurement in Norway
Lars Petter Bingh, Statsbygg