The Solar Energy Cluster collaborates with TUM (Technical University of Munich) International to solve global challenges

Our partners can now participate in a network that offers new business opportunities across the world, as The Norwegian Solar Energy Cluster has established a collaboration with TUM International, a subsidiary of the prestigious Technical University of Munich. The goal of the collaboration is to help Norwegian small and medium-sized enterprises integrate into global value chains, and by this support the development and operation of eco-efficient industrial infrastructure both at well-developed and emerging business sites all around the world. 

The Norwegian Solar Energy Cluster has entered into a partnership with TUM International, a leading provider for the development and operation of industrial sites, business-hubs and technology transfer centres worldwide. TUM International facilitates integrated site development and optimizing regional infrastructure in the energy sector by bringing in companies and institutions which offer relevant technologies and products to build up new value chains in the target regions.

– Looking to Norway, we see a high competence in sustainable energy solutions, a strong innovation ability and many synergies to jointly solve global challenges, says Friederike Hettinger, CEO of TUM International. Especially in the fields of electrification, circular economy, zero emission mobility and smart grid solutions we see many best practice examples which could be implemented in our international projects.

Together with The Norweigian Solar Energy Clusterwe are looking for Norwegian companies with solutions to global societal challenges that can be piloted and / or scaled up in our projects.

We will invite our partners to a workshop with TUM International. Here our partners will get further insights into concrete projects and the opportunity to connect. For more information, please take contact with

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