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This webinar will give you an overview of the progress of the Circular production of solar grade silicon, applications of metallurgical methods in production in the recovery of Si and the sustainable aspects of PV modules, including end-of-life treatment.

The event is a collaboration between the Norwegian Solar Energy Cluster, SINTEF and NTNU in cooperation with Gemini centre Solar cells.

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  • Martin Bellmann, SINTEF: Introduction
  • Arman Hoseinpur Kermani, NTNU: Applications of metallurgical refining methods in productionin recovery of Si
  • Trude Nysæter, REC Solar: Circular production of solar grade silicon
  • Karsten Wambach, bifa Umweltinstitut GmbH: Sustainability aspects of PV modules including end-of-life treatment
  • Wolfram Palitzsch, LuxChemtech GmbH: Material recovery through production to the end-of-life of photovoltaic modules
  • Alexander Ulyashin, SINTEF: Combustion based delamination of Si based glass/glass photovoltaic modules and recovery of silicon

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