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Sol på en fredag: Muligheter i Tyskland – Østerrike – Sveits (DACH)

21. januar 2022 @ 14:00 - 15:00

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Germany is the biggest, most relevant energy market in Europe and facing significant challenges. The decentralization of power generation, increasing need for renewable electricity and addition of electric cars to the grid require new solutions on all grid levels. Power generation from nuclear plants will be terminated at the end of this year and the new government, with participation of the Greens, strives to phase-out coal power plants by 2030. This will only be possible with an extremely strong increase in renewable power generation, further spurred by ambitious climate goals and targets for the application of green hydrogen in all sectors.

Solar energy plays the most important role across the country and the new government has raised the yearly targets for PV additions substantially. A number of measures are planned to accelerate PV development such as a requirement for PV installations on new buildings, simplified development and certification processes and strengthening of Agri PV and floating PV.

Other trends are the combination of wind and solar to combine generation in a grid-friendly way, as well as projects to include hydrogen and power storage. Direct sourcing of renewable energy by commercial & industrial clients through PPAs enables new off-take channels and can create demand for more complex project planning. Looking beyond the border to Switzerland, there is a first floating solar installation on a high mountain water reservoir, ambitions to add further similar installations and the highest ever funding budget for PV installations on buildings. Austria next door is aiming to be 100% powered by green electricity in 2030, which mainly needs to come from solar energy, and recently passed a new renewables law with increased funding budget.

Join our first export webinar in 2022 on January 21 and hear consultant Heidi Quinger giving an update on the German speaking PV markets, presenting opportunities and possible challenges for the players in the sector.

Ole Petter Storholt, Sales Manager in Pixii, will share considerations around expanding their business into the German market and how Pixii is going to contribute to accelerating the Energiewende.

The webinar will be held in English on TEAMS. Teams link will be provided prior to the event in a separate mail.

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21. januar 2022
14:00 - 15:00
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