Exploring the Dutch Success Story in Solar Power

As Norway aims to reach the 2030 target of 8TWh solar energy annually, a benchmark trip to the Netherlands offers insights into the Dutch success story in solar power deployment. Organized by Solenergikyngen and The Norwegian Embassy in The Hague, this two-day program will take place on June 04. & 05. in Amsterdam, focusing on key areas such as regulatory frameworks, grid integration, innovative solutions, and lessons learned.

The Netherlands stands as Europe’s largest per capita solar power producer, with an average of two solar modules per inhabitant. Government support, innovative policies, and a competitive auction system have propelled the rapid expansion of solar installations, including utility-scale projects and floating solar installations. However, success has posed challenges, particularly regarding grid constraints, driving efforts towards grid upgrades and innovative solutions such as hydrogen and battery storage.

Day 1: Understanding the Dutch Approach: regulatory framework & net integration 

The trip kicks off in Amsterdam where participants will engage with industry experts and stakeholders, exploring market trends, approval processes, and balancing power and grid constraints. Insights from Statkraft, TenneT, Holland Solar, and regulatory bodies will shed light on the Dutch journey towards solar energy dominance.

Day 2: Showcasing Solar Deployment Innovations – Roadshow

Partnering with TNO, the Dutch equivalent to SINTEF, the program ventures into the field to witness state-of-the art solar parks. Participants will get to see innovative concepts of landscape integration of solar parks and multiple land uses. Discussions with industry partners, financial institutions, NGOs, and research institutes throughout the day will offer a comprehensive understanding of Dutch strategies and challenges.

Join Us for Firsthand Insights

This benchmark trip provides a unique opportunity for Norwegian stakeholders to learn from Dutch experiences, exchange ideas, and build collaborations towards a sustainable energy future. 

Each company will have to book their own flights and accomodation.

Please register your interest: katja@solenergiklyngen.no

Planleggingen av denne delegasjonen er delfinansiert av tidligere Viken fylkeskommune.